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This corner of the LaPaletta shop includes special materials that we think painters and printmakers will enjoy adding to their usual supplies, or maybe you'll find something to set you off in a new creative direction.


If you've never tried printmaking before, there are plenty of ways to make original printed artworks at home without the need for an expensive printing press. Try mono-printing with a gel plate to make one-off unique prints. Or discover the fun of printing from your own carved rubber plate in different colours on different papers. On the other hand, if printing presses fascinate you, we have an incredible and very affordable tiny one for sale that prints on paper up to 75 x 145mm big. 

For painters we have watercolours in unusual and beautiful formats, and acrylics that take 2 or 3 hours to dry, so you have time to create smooth blends without the solvents and weeks of drying that come with oil painting. These Open Acrylics are also wonderful for mono printing with the Gelli plate and for screen printing.

You'll also find a few extras on this page, including gold and silver metal leaf and display easels made in Laax.

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