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Do I have to have any experience/talent to come to a class?

Don't be shy! At LaPaletta making art is about enjoying yourself, not about perfection or following rules. Have a go, try something new and don't worry if it doesn't turn out to be worthy of framing. Being creative can be very relaxing and may wake up parts of your brain that you had forgotten about!

Can I copy a photo or something from a book?

Yes! You are absolutely free to choose what you do. Many famous artists got started by copying and it can be a helpful way to learn techniques without worrying about being "creative". On the other hand, your version doesn't have to be an exact reproduction of an original - it might even turn out better.

What if I don't have any ideas?

We have a box full of suggested techniques to try, including drawing, painting, printmaking, crafts, etc., lots of examples, books, internet access...we'll help you come up with something. 

Are materials included in the price of a class?

Most materials are included in the price. The only exceptions are canvases (you can bring one with you or buy one here, or just use paper instead) and Japanese box kits, which are charged at CHF15 for two kits when made in a class. Coffee, tea and the use of an apron is also included in the price.

When can I come for a class?

Tell us when you'd like to come and whether you'd like to stay for 2 hours or 3 (or even more). We are very flexible.

How many people are in a class at once?

In private and Group classes the maximum number of people is four and the minimum is one. During the class the shop/gallery will be open, so other people may come in and need to be served, but otherwise you will have lots of personal attention.

Can I bring unfinished paintings to a class?

Yes! If you've booked a private class, bring whatever you like - the time is yours. I can help you finish off pieces that have run into trouble, or look through a sketchbook or portfolio and offer advice. You can also bring your materials to show me what you're working with if you like.

Do you have art classes for children?

While we welcome teenagers (age 12 and up), LaPaletta is designed for adults. However, in the summer we have an outdoor art table at the front of LaPaletta, which is available for all ages. Young children must be supervised at all times by their parents. 

Why don't you run children's classes?

I enjoy making art, being creative in all sorts of ways and coaching other people on artistic challenges such as composition, colour theory, art techniques and materials. I also like helping people to find and develop their talents, and to discover how art can help them relax and see the world differently. Teaching children requires a different set of skills.

I have a child (under 12) who is very talented. Can she/he come for a class?

Outside of school, children often learn best by experimenting freely with art materials, rather than being taught the "right way" to make art. Private art classes can also be a bit intimidating for children. Try our summertime outdoor studio instead, where they are very likely to enjoy doing a project side-by-side with family or a friend, with lots of art materials, no teacher and no pressure. 

Can I book the outdoor studio?

No. Unfortunately that would make life too complicated for us! Please just come by, Tuesdays to Saturdays from 14.00 when the weather is fine, and see if the table is free. It may also be available at other times if there's a class taking place inside.

How much does it cost to use the outdoor studio?

You can choose from a menu of projects at LaPaletta and pay like at a cafe. Then you help yourself to the paints, markers, stickers, pencils, crayons etc. at no extra cost.

Can I park at LaPaletta?

There are a few parking spaces for customers outside LaPaletta on Via Nova. Otherwise try the public car parks close by, next to the Gemeindehaus or between the Tourist Office and the Gelbe Haus.

Is LaPaletta accessible for disabled people?

Yes. We are on the ground floor, with easy access. The toilet is on a different floor, but there is lift access.

Can I bring my dog?

Well-behaved dogs are always welcome.

Can I buy a gift voucher for a friend?

Yes. You can decide the amount. The voucher is valid for six months from the date of purchase. Either come to LaPaletta or you can pay online and we will post the voucher to you.

Can I sell my art at LaPaletta?

We are always happy to consider adding an artists' work to the gallery, depending on how well it fits our local market. We sell art on commission rather than buying it from artists.

Can I book a party or company event at LaPaletta?

Yes! Depending on the event, we can accommodate more than the usual four people. 

Food, wine, art activities etc. can all be designed as you like, just tell us what you have in mind.

We don't do children's parties. 



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