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A tiny printing press invented by two young designers from Köln that started life as a Kickstarter project. This press has the strength to print etchings and drypoint as well as blind embossing, relief prints, chine collé, etc. It can handle paper up to 75 x 225mm big and yet is small enough to fit an entire printmaking studio in a backpack, with room to spare. It gives everyone access to the fun of printmaking at home, and even outdoors and on vacation.


The press comes with a stainless steel roller, high quality woven wool blanket, a clamp to attach the press to a table, a 3D printed drypoint needle, instructions and ideas and lots of motivation to do some printing.


For more information about printing with the press, here's a link to a wonderful e-book produced by the makers.


You might also be interested to buy Cranfield Caligo Safe Wash Inks, printmaking paper and mini zinc or rhenalon printing plates from us.

Tiny Printing Press

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