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Cambridge Imprint is a small paper-printing business in Cambridge, England. They design and print patterned paper, cards, and paper products. Known for their beautiful colours, joyful illustration and typography, lively, hand-drawn aesthetic, and meticulous attention to detail, their products are exported all over the world. Meanwhile, Cambridge Imprint's style is authentically English and has a timeless quality.

The original designs are created using a hand-stencilled screen-printing process, which limits their complexity and imparts a hand-made look.  


The paper is printed by Calverts, a long-established printers’ cooperative in Bethnal Green in London, on a matte uncoated stock using vegetable oil-based inks hand-mixed for each job. The spot-colour lithography process results in a matte paper with colours of unparalleled intensity and clarity.

Cambridge Imprint's paper is both completely recyclable and biodegradable. The paper stock has Forest Stewardship Council certification, which means it is produced from sustainable sources and the printing process has been governed by low-impact, environmentally-friendly protocols since long before such issues became mainstream. 

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