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An Inspiring Location

My Atelier

LaPaletta is located in historic Casti Löwenberg in the village of Schluein in the Surselva region of south-eastern Switzerland.

Minutes away from the famous and lively mountain resorts of Flims, Laax and Falera, but in a different world, overlooking the Rhine valley, forests and mountains, farms and small villages.


Casti Löwenberg

A bit of history: during the 12th century a castle (casti) was built on the hill above the village of Sluwen by the noble von Löwenbergs. Seven hundred years later, Casti Löwenberg was badly damaged in a fire and the building that exists today was constructed using stone from the ruins. During the next century the rebuilt Casti served as an orphanage, a school and a refugee transit centre.  

In 2020 Casti Löwenberg was leased to Surselva Impact Lab, a group of local entrepreneurs whose aim is to preserve and renovate the building while offering affordable space to start-up businesses and artists from the region. A few years on, the Casti has become a thriving creative community. Some of the renovated spaces include a professional kitchen and dining room, as well as an informal kitchen/cafeteria, the former chapel, various meeting rooms, a co-working space and a lovely ballet and yoga studio. There are two small holiday apartments to rent through AirBnB (here and here), and of course there are the various ateliers and offices of the other occupants. Parts of the building are very much in need of renovation, but the atmosphere is what counts.

Sluwen is now called Schluein. It's still a small village with a population of around 600 people, many of whom are Romontsch speakers. Schluein is easy to get to by car and public transport, and is on the main road from Chur, the capital city of the Canton of Graubunden.   


Altogether it's an interesting spot for creative endeavours.

More about the art community at Casti Löwenberg

More about Surselva Impact Lab at Casti Löwenberg

Space to Create

The best ateliers are in old workplaces.


LaPaletta occupies the two rooms of the former laundry in the basement of Casti Löwenberg. The former drying room, still with rows of hooks for washing lines, has windows on three sides to let the mountain air and sunshine in (and the views are wonderful). The former washing room has a view towards the original castle ruins (and great big sinks that are perfect for an atelier).

The atelier is equipped with large tables, a sofa, a library and everything you need for painting, drawing, printmaking and paper crafts. If you come for a class, you don't need to bring anything at all, except perhaps a canvas (I have some small ones for sale if you need one).

There is plenty of room for at least 6 people, and even more depending on the class. It's also possible to work outside when the weather is nice and to use other spaces in the building.


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