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Art Classes

tailor-made for you

I offer lots of options and am pretty flexible. The easiest thing might be for you to get in touch and tell me what you have in mind. 

Starting with how many people? Maybe just one person, or a small group. I have space for 6-8 people in the atelier, depending on the activity, but larger groups can also be accommodated with a bit of extra organisation.


Alternatively,  would you rather meet somewhere else? Casti Löwenberg is my "headquarters", but I could alternatively come to you, or we can work outdoors somewhere in the region on a landscape or sketching an urban scene.

What would you like to do? Are there particular materials or techniques you'd like to try, a skill like colour-mixing or drawing that you want to master, or is a craft like book-binding or Japanese box-making more appealing than painting or drawing? 

Follow this link for lots of suggestions - and don't worry if you're a total beginner as most things are possible with instruction and a sense of humour.

When, and for how long? It's up to you. Come for an hour or two or as long as you like. Weekends and public holidays are often popular times for a class.

In summary, depending on what you have in mind, I can offer most things: from a class at home for someone who can't get out; a relaxing hour or more at the atelier for friends or a family; a painting, wine and fondue evening for a group, or what about coming for a short art vacation (you could even stay upstairs in one of two lovely studio apartments here or here).


The only thing I definitely draw the line at is children's parties!

A word about art classes for children: I really believe younger children learn best by doing: simply give them access to materials and the opportunity to experiment and make a mess. Telling them what to do and how to do it may get in the way of fun and creativity. It's ok at school, but not so much in their spare time. 

Later, when fine motor skills have developed to the extent that they can write well, an occasional class might be worthwhile if children are truly interested in learning and experimenting with techniques that aren't available at home, such as printmaking. I'm often asked about teaching fashion drawing, Manga or graffiti styles of art, but I'm afraid these are way beyond my experience.



Private classes at Löwenberg

Prices start at CHF 60.- per person per hour, but it becomes cheaper per person per hour with more people and more hours. For example, four people for one hour is CHF 180.- (CHF 45.- each), but if they stay for three hours it's just CHF 320.- (CHF 80.- each). 

The cost includes most materials (canvases and canvas boards are extra), the use of an apron as well as tea and coffee. You don't need to bring anything! 

If you need transport to Schluein and back from the Flims/Laax/Falera area, then book a 3-hour class or longer and I'll pick you up and drop you back home at no extra cost. (I can fit 4 passengers in my car).

Private classes or events somewhere else

The price for a class somewhere other than the Löwenberg will be the same, but may include an extra amount to cover my travel time and cost. 

Organised on-location sketching

If you'd like to join an on-location meet-up, please book with me in advance (the maximum number of people varies depending on the location). The price for a 2-hour session is CHF 50.- per person, which includes some instruction and the use of a range of sketching/watercolour materials. Dates for sketching meet-ups will be announced here.

Get in Touch

+41 79 221 58 78

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