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Five A4 sheets, white, grey, blue, red and yellow.


Perfect for transferring drawings cleanly and without laborious tracing onto many different smooth surfaces such as paper, canvas fabric, ceramics, wood, metal, glass etc. Just place the transfer paper with the coloured side down on the surface to which you want to transfer your design. Then place your original image on top and use a pencil or ball point pen to draw the outline of the design, applying enough pressure to make the transfer.

The transfer sheets can be used over and over again. Choose whichever colour suits your project best, for example by aiming for maximum contrast. Lines can be erased easily with any eraser or made permanent with acrylic spray. 


Another fun idea is to use the transfer paper as a drawing medium in its own right. You can easily add intense coloured lines to a drawing or painting by placing the transfer paper on top of your artwork and drawing on the back of the transfer paper. For best results, fix the lines you've made with a matt acrylic spray when your work is finished.


Wax-Free Transfer Paper, Five Colours

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