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This kit contains everything you need to make 36 large origami bobbles (also known as crane's eggs), or 144 small ones: 36 different sheets of Cambridge Imprint patterned papers, with a beautifully produced book of instructions, all in a keepsake box covered with Cambridge Imprint paper. To string the bobbles together into a necklace or garland you will need a needle and thread, which are not included. A garland of 144 bobbles is well over a metre long and is particularly well suited for hanging on a Christmas tree. The bobbles can also be hung individually from a loop of thread, or just sit as minute and perfect geometric sculptures on a window sill. The bobble is an origami of medium difficulty (easier than the five-pointed star, but more difficult than the butterfly in our other kits) and suitable for adults and older children. 

Cambridge Imprint Garland of Bobbles Origami Kit

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