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Lacquered Yuzen is silk-screened decorative Japanese paper (washi), with a lacquered relief finish that resembles carved lacquerware or embossed leather. The paper itself is hand-made from kozo fibre, the inner bark of a type of mulberry bush.



The patterns are classic Japanese motifs that have been used on fabrics and other goods for centuries. The colours are rich and resistant to fading, while the unprinted edges and back of the paper remain naturally soft and off-white. Like other kozo papers of this weight, the paper is very strong and the lacquer makes this type especially resistant to water and abrasion, which makes it suitable for all sorts of craft and interior projects, including bookbinding, wallpaper and covering solid, boxy items such as books, wooden furniture, boxes etc. It is less suited to applications requiring the paper to mould to complex curves.

My Lacquered Yuzen papers are each available in 3 sizes, (the size refers to the printed surface, not including the unprinted edges).  The price per sheet starts at CHF9.00 for 30x45cm. 

I recommend Yamato Nori paste for use with all Japanese papers.

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