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Three sheets, each 19.0 x 25.4 cm

Waterproof, transparent, matt vinyl film with a low-tack adhesive on one side, and a translucent release paper backing. It can be cut easily with a knife or scissors and used to mask areas before applying paint, pastel, charcoal, airbrush or spray colours etc. The masking film works best on absolutely smooth surfaces. For example, hot-pressed watercolour paper is likely to give better results than cold-pressed or rough papers.

The release paper accepts pencil marks so it's easy to sketch the shape of the mask before cutting it out.

This film can also be used as a temporary protective cover for documents or artwork (but it is a good idea to test on a small area first): 

Keep the film away from heat and strong sunlight to avoid damaging the adhesive.

Low-Tack Masking Film

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