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Samples of 6 heritage washi papers from a family of papermakers in Oguni Village in Niigata Prefecture on the snowy coast of the Sea of Japan, who are committed to preserving the 1400-year-old tradition of making high quality washi. The painstaking process uses 100% kozo (mulberry) bark, much of which is grown locally by the papermakers. 

Try these papers for printmaking, drawing, dyeing, stitching, painting with sumi ink, acrylic and watercolour. 

The six papers are:

Oguni Shikishi 51g 19x19cm; Oguni Kakishibugami 45g 28x39cm; Oguni Sugikawa 54g 28x39cm; Oguni Natural Kozo Large 30g 65x100cm; Oguni Snowbleached Oguniban 36g 28x39cm; Oguni Snowbleached 18g 65x100cm. 

Artist Testing Pack: Oguni Heritage Kozo

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