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LaPaletta is my atelier and art supplies shop at Casti Löwenberg in Schluein, Switzerland. 


As well as being a working artist, I offer art lessons tailor-made to individuals and small groups, either in my atelier or at other locations.

Colour, pattern, printmaking, abstraction, drawing, painting and paper crafts are where my interests lie, along with sharing what I've learned and encouraging people to discover their own creativity.


My shop is open whenever I'm there and otherwise 24/7 online. The online shop specialises in Japanese, English and other speciality papers but my cupboards at LaPaletta are full of paints, brushes, pencils, printmaking materials etc. so if you come for a class or an event at Casti Löwenberg, come and see what I have in stock.

Thank you for visiting me here, and please get in touch if you'd like to arrange a private class, a group workshop or even a shopping trip.


My Story

A bit more about me: I was born in Germany, grew up in various parts of England, and am Swiss and British. I've also lived in the USA and Japan. My best language is English, but I get by (and teach) in German and I'm learning Romontsch, Switzerland's fourth official language, which came to this part of Switzerland with the Romans two thousand years ago. The little bit of Japanese I once knew seems to have evaporated.


As a child, I loved playing with colours and paper, but my art career only began much later.  I studied Human Biology and then Business Administration at Universities in the UK, worked in the brewing, pharmaceuticals and vision care industries and then as a freelance business writer and translator. Thirty years ago I took watercolour classes in the USA, and then got into ink painting and paper crafts in Japan.  In Switzerland I started getting serious with a fine arts foundation course, followed by more intensive education in drawing and painting as well as printmaking. Eventually I  decided I could call myself an artist.


During the last 20 or so years I have organised and participated in numerous exhibitions in the Zürich area, coached many adult artists from around the world, run corporate creative events and owned an art school, a gallery, and an art shop. Now I offer private art classes and workshops for individuals and small groups on request and take part in events at Casti Löwenberg and other nearby locations. Meanwhile, having entered "retirement age", I'm looking forward to spending more time on my own artwork, which has been a bit neglected for the last few years.

I live in Laax with my husband and our dog. Our "second home" is the USA where our two sons and daughters-in-law live.


Call, E-mail, SMS or WhatsApp for more information.

Instagram: and

+41 (0)79 221 58 78

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