Experience the fun of playing with colour, line, shape, texture, paint, paper, inks, rollers, stamps, pencils, markers, metal leaf, stencils, and more.

Time flashes past; everyday stress disappears; new skills are learned (maybe a new hobby is discovered), and you make something unique to keep.

Art in the time of Covid-19

Normally, we offer a diverse workshop programme for up to 6 people at a time, but due to the pandemic we've had to adapt to ensure safety. This means smaller numbers so we can stay at least 2 metres apart, carefully considered hygiene measures and a completely flexible programme, with even more choice than before.

No experience? No problem!

Whatever art skills or techniques you'd like to learn, we can help you (except for sculpture and pottery). More experienced artists are welcome to just come and use the space and materials without instruction. If you don't know what you'd like to do, we have lots of suggestions that are suitable for every level of experience.

No "talent"? Just come and enjoy yourself

If you last tried making art at school, this is different. No judgement, no grades, just fun. The range of what you can do at LaPaletta is huge, so there really is something for everyone. We make art with rollers, scissors and sponges as well as brushes, charcoal and markers. We can help you mix colours, draw portraits, paint mountains and collage cows.  All the materials you need, as well as masks, hand sanitiser, gloves (optional, but necessary for some media), coffee, tea and aprons are included.

No ideas? We have plenty! 

We have a library of art books, the internet and a printer, a catalogue of pictures and suggestions from previous workshops.  

Come on your own or bring someone with you

The maximum class size for now is four people, and the minimum is just one! Children aged 12 and up are welcome. Younger children will enjoy the outdoor studio, which will be available when the weather is fine, from the beginning of June. Little ones must always be accompanied by an adult.