Experience the fun of playing with colour, line, shape, texture, paint, paper, inks, rollers, stamps, pencils, markers, metal leaf, silver clay, stencils, and more.

Time flashes past; everyday stress disappears; new skills are learned (maybe a new hobby is discovered), and you make something unique to keep.

No experience? No problem!

Our workshops are designed to be suitable for everyone over the age of 14 (or 12 if accompanied by a participating adult): beginners get all the help they need while more experienced artists can make the most of the materials, time and space to be creative.

No talent? Are you sure?

If you last tried making art at school, this is different. No judgement, no grades, just fun, and a lot less scary than the Laax half-pipe (in our opinion). The workshop programme is very varied and there really is something for everyone. We make art with rollers, scissors and sponges as well as brushes, charcoal and markers. We can help you mix colours, draw portraits, paint mountains and collage cows.  All the materials you need, as well as coffee, tea and aprons are included.

No ideas? We have plenty! 

We have a library of art books, the internet and a printer, a catalogue of pictures and suggestions from previous workshops.  

Come on your own or bring someone with you

The maximum class size is six people, and the minimum is just one! If you book a group of six people for one workshop, you'll get a cash refund for the sixth person on the day. 

Custom-designed Workshops

If you'd like to invite a bunch of friends for an arty-party, or relax with a team from work, please get in touch! Tell us what sort of thing you'd like to do, or we can come up with suggestions. Wine, food, timing etc. can all be agreed to suit you.

Via Nova 33a, CH-7017 Flims 

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