Workshop Programme

This winter/spring there are workshops every morning (except on Mondays) from 09.30 - 12.30, and Open Studio every afternoon (except on Mondays) from 15.00 - 18.00. The workshop season starts on December 27 2019 and finishes on April 13 2020.


There are 11 different workshops in addition to Open Studio:

  • open studio means you can choose what you want to do and everything is provided, including materials, help, and even inspiration. If you're stuck for ideas, choose one of 4 project boxes to get you started. 

  • watercolour includes classic transparent technique as well as painting with opaque gouache, and sometimes we'll add ink or oil pastel and use bamboo pens, sponges, masking fluid, spatter screens, salt, sandpaper and other things to create special effects while we paint a range of different themes 

  • block printing involves carving a design into a vinyl printing block and then printing it by hand in different colours onto different papers or fabric 

  • acrylic painting can be bold or subtle, textured or smooth, and with the latest slower-drying paints, the result can be just like oil paint, without the need for solvents. Find out what acrylics can do and how easy they are to use

  • drawing can be learned! Discover some of the clever ways of thinking, seeing and measuring that artists use, or experiment with innovative drawing materials and techniques if you're looking for a challenge

  • monoprinting gets you lost in the creative process, playing with colours and shapes to make one-off prints. It's a simple technique using acrylic paint and gel printing plates with stencils, stamps and rollers to make multiple patterned layers on paper. At the end of the morning you can use some of the prints to make a small collage

  • mixed media abstracts has you thinking about composition: we make a set of three abstracts using paint, collage, stamping, scribbling, spattering etc. and aim to ensure that the end result has contrast, movement, balance, harmony and tension

  • craft projects include bookbinding, silver clay jewellery-making, Japanese paper crafts (boxes and eggs), and collages on wood. Five different projects that take place roughly once every five weeks. 

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