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Much easier to cut and carve than linoleum or wood, these blocks come in different sizes and you can carve both sides. You can draw your design onto the vinyl with a soft pencil (or draw onto paper, place the paper with the image side down on the block and rub the back of the paper with a finger to transfer the image - great for creating mirror-images of letters and numbers).

Make lots of small stamps or create larger relief print blocks. Your vinyl blocks can be used over and over again. The best colours to use with them are water-based block printing inks (see our selection), but thick gouache also works, as does acrylic paint, though it's best to wash acrylic off quickly before it dries on the vinyl. Small stamps can even be coloured with brush markers if you work quickly.

Don't forget to buy a set of carving tools too!


Vinyl Carving Block

PriceFrom CHF3.20
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