The atelier is yours! Come and spend 3 hours doing whatever you'd like to do. Come regularly and work on a long project, or just come once and choose from a range of ready-to-start projects with a choice of mediums, subjects and styles. Materials are all included and help is at hand.


Open Studio takes place almost every afternoon (except Mondays) from 15.00 - 18.00. Dates in December and January may be booked online below.


Online booking for February, March and April will be added later. Meanwhile, if you'd already like to make a reservation during these months, please send an email and assume there will be Open Studio every afternoon, but not on Mondays, or on February 21 - 29, or March 8, April 10 or April 12.


  • Just yourself. We have all the materials you might need, as well as aprons, coffee, tea, cookies, music, and even a friendly dog on some occasions.

Via Nova 33a, CH-7017 Flims 

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