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A kit with full instructions in English and German and ready-cut parts to make a one-of-a-kind box for housing bits and pieces like jewellery, keys, business cards, tea bags, coins, cosmetics, etc. There is a choice of interior colours, and your kit will include cord and a wooden bead that matches the box interior. The size of the finished box is xxx.

In addition to the kit, you'll need one sheet of washi paper or lokta paper 30 x 45 cm (and another sheet 22 x 30 cm if you want a contrasting base and lid interior).

We also recommend buying a tube of Japanese nori paste, which is a water-based glue that works especially well with washi paper.

You'll also need clear tape, scissors, a ruler and pencil, a brush for the nori paste, a spray bottle and some general purpose glue like PVA or Cementit.


Japanese Prism Box Kit

Interior colour
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