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A durable, reusable synthetic gel printing plate available in two sizes: 15.2 x 15.2 cm and 20.3 x 25.4 cm.

Make patterns on the surface with acrylic paint: try using brushes, fingers, rollers, stamps, stencils, textured objects, string, leaves, etc. and then take a print by putting a sheet of paper on top and transferring the paint to the paper. (Slow-drying acrylics may be useful as you can't take a print from dry paint. Otherwise be sure to work fairly quickly.) Once your print is dry, print another layer, and maybe a third or fourth in different colours on top until you have a design that you like. Success is all to do with achieving contrast between the different layers. Use your finished prints as frameable artworks or for book covers, card-making, paper crafts, collage etc.

The gel plate may also be used with soft chalk pastels, water-based markers, oil paint, oil pastels etc. but don't let oil paint or oil-based inks sit too long on the plate or the oils may damage the surface.

The gel plate can be washed with soapy warm water. Avoid the use of anything that could scratch the surface and use and store the plate on a smooth and flat surface such as a piece of glass or perspex. (The gel plate can become deformed if left on a non-flat surface). Some paints and papers may discolour the gel plate, but this doesn't affect its performance. 

Gelli Monoprinting Plate

PriceFrom CHF35.90
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