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A paper creaser and scorer made of polished bone, 16 cm long with one pointed end and one rounded end. Invaluable for paper crafts including origami, card-making and bookbinding when you want to make sharp, precise creases in paper and lightweight card without leaving any marks. 


To create a perfect crease, place a ruler on the paper where you want the fold. Hold the ruler firmly in place with one hand. Run the pointed tip of your bone folder along the length of the ruler, pressing it firmly down as you go. Remove the ruler and simply fold the paper along the scored line. Now run the bone folder over the crease again to make it really flat. Try folding a sheet of card stock without it, and you'll notice a cracked, rippled crease that results. It's an immediate difference.


The pointed end of the tool is also useful when you're gluing paper in tight corners, and keep your bone folder handy for all sorts of jobs when you need a gentle burnishing, scratching or rubbing tool.

Bone Folder

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