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From a weekend to a week or even two, together we can design a custom art vacation for you in Flims.


LaPaletta is usually open between mid-December and Easter and between June and mid-October. LaPaletta is open for classes whenever you want to come, and whatever you want to do. The minimum class duration is two hours. The maximum number of participants is 6, and the minimum is just one. There is always plenty of individual attention, or none at all if you prefer to just work on your own. Complete beginners are welcome as are more experienced artists. 


Some ideas for art vacations at LaPaletta include:

Mini Foundation Course

Come to LaPaletta for a series of sessions on different aspects of art-making, including drawing, painting and printmaking. Spend the rest of your time skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, swimming etc, depending on the season.


Introduction to printmaking

In the course of a few sessions you could try stamping, block-printing, screen printing, etching, mono-printing and sun-printing and still have enough time for leisurely lunches, sunny walks, fine dining and starlit nights.


Learn how to see like an artist sees and improve your drawing skills, whatever level you're at now. Try out some different drawing materials. Let's go out and sketch some landscapes and villages together.

Immersion in Watercolour 

Practice the basics and then let's look for inspiration in the area. Make sure you enjoy a swim in our turquoise Caumasee and visit a couple of spas while you're here.

Your studio away from home

If you're looking for a way to keep on making art while taking a break in new surroundings, book some time at LaPaletta and make use of our materials and space. But do take time to explore our high peaks and the fascinating Rhine gorge as well.

Or come up with your own plan!


For 12-18 hours at LaPaletta within a seven day period, we offer 10% discount off our usual prices*. The discount is valid per person (i.e. the hours cannot be shared between multiple people).

For 19+ hours within a seven day period, there's a 15% discount off the usual workshop prices*. The discount is valid per person, (i.e. the hours cannot be shared between multiple people).

Accommodation and Transport

Flims and neighbouring Laax and Falera offer plenty of accommodation options from backpacker hostels to some of Switzerland's most luxurious hotels, complete with spas and fine dining. Wherever you decide to stay, the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, as you'd expect in a mountain resort. 

Flims is easily reached from Zurich city and the airport, either by car (1.5 - 2 hours) or by public transport (train to Chur and bus to Flims 2.5 hours or so). LaPaletta is on the main street in Flims, not quite half way between the bus stops at the Post and the Bergbahn (mountain lifts).

We can't offer to arrange accommodation or transport for you, but are more than happy to provide information and local insights.


Please send an email in the first instance, listing possible dates and what you'd like to do, and we'll get back to you.


*The usual cost of a 3-hour class is CHF150 for three hours, and a 2-hour class is CHF120, including materials (except canvases).  


Twelve hours would therefore cost 4 x CHF150, less 10% = CHF 540.-

Twenty hours would cost 6 x CHF150, + 1 x CHF120, less 15% = CHF 867.-



Below are some views of our surroundings, just to ensure temptation:

Clockwise from top left: Caumasee; Rhine Gorge "Ruinaulta"; UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona with the Tschingelhörner; Crestasee; Flims Dorf; Forest near Runcahöhe; Forest near Spalegna; Segnesboden.

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